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Young People

TEDxKingsPark is super-enthusiastic about involving everyone in our community and young people are actively invited to participate as speakers, filmmakers, performers, audiences and organisers.

  • Our flagship youth event, TEDxYouth@KingsPark, runs annually.
  • We also produce additional smaller events for young people.
  • All our events, of whatever focus, are price-accessible for young people.
  • Young curators are trained, supported and engaged in all events.
  • Give It Forward enables potentially excluded young people to attend.
  • We empower, and listen to, our Youth Panel.

Kai Lovel

Chair of Youth Panel

“Our Youth Panel is driven by a deep appreciation for the power of our peers and the amazing ideas they have. We place great importance on elevating, amplifying and celebrating those voices – young people’s voices.”

bethany website

Bethany Hunt

Youth Panellist

“TEDxKingsPark is different. Young people are at the core of the organisation. We seek to bring out ideas on a local, national and international scale that are reflective of the important place our youth have on leading us into the future.”

haeden website

Haeden Miles

Youth Panellist

“We are an organisation that respects, indeed celebrates, those from all backgrounds, all walks of life. Our events are not always youth centred, but they will always be accessible to young people and those who can’t easily access TEDx events normally.”

reuben website

Reuben Saggar

Youth Panellist

“We all have a responsibility to look after our environment and I’ve been inspired by people like Greta Thunberg, who spoke at TEDxStockholm. I too believe that ‘no one is too small to make a difference’ and I’m proud to help TEDxKingsPark ensure its events are carbon neutral.”


Lydia Setiadi

Treasurer and Board Member

“I love volunteering for TEDxKingsPark, contributing my time and energy to help spread ideas in Perth. I’m empowered by the team and, as a board member, it’s great to know that being young is no barrier to taking a leadership role.”


Ope Idris


“Young people’s voices must be heard, their ideas discussed and, above all, they should be a natural and welcome part of our national conversation. TEDxYouth@KingsPark is Perth’s annual flagship TEDx event by and for young people. It’s great to be at the heart of it.”


Ben McAllister


“The opening series of TEDxKingsPark Salons are each oriented around different areas of science, and are an exciting start to our program. As a particle physicist myself, I’m particularly looking forward to helping select the best ideas and speakers for Space in October.”


Maggie Gordon


“Not all of our events are designed solely for a young audience, however, it’s incredibly refreshing to know that young curators are empowered as an integral part of the team and in the future of leadership and decision-making. There are so many stories and ideas that will leave a lasting impression on you and change how we navigate new perspectives of the world. ”