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23 November 2022
The Rechabite

Are you proud to be you? In a time when our identities our increasingly multifaceted and ever-more detailed, it’s ironic that they’re prone to damage and even theft.

Identity will be a journey through four, thought-provoking and challenging speakers, each with their own moving, unique and beautiful perspective on what makes us… us.

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Autumn 2023

You know the feeling of hot indignation, frustration, and maybe anger, when you are on the receiving end of an injustice.

Yet, until that moment, justice is a concept we blithely assume is a given.

Some of us fight for justice, for ourselves, and others. Some of us are unconscious contributors to another’s injustice.

But whatever our role, it’s essential to our society – and that’s why in 2023 we’ll examine Justice in its many forms.

TEDxYouth@KingsPark 2023

29 July 2023
State Theatre Centre of WA

Australia’s largest TEDx Youth event is back with 9 more inspiring young speakers in a half-day experience like no other.

Youth and School groups can register interest at tickets@tedxkingspark.org