Alex Towler

Engineer & LEGO Master

Alex is an environmental engineer and artist from Perth. In his weekday life, Alex works as an urban water consultant collaborating with developers and local governments to understand, maintain and improve water in the urban environment including groundwater aquifers, drainage systems, and natural waterways. Alex has worked on a variety of projects including large-scale groundwater monitoring programs, urban water management plans, and river restoration. 

Outside of the office Alex has passion for creative arts. In 2020 Alex and his high school friend Jackson Harvey were winners of Channel 9’s competition show LEGO Masters. Following their success on the show Alex and Jackson were invited by FORM to design and create an original full-scale art exhibition at the Goods Shed in Claremont which ran for three months in early 2021. RELICS: Bricks of the New World was a collection of mixed-media sculptures that combined found objects and LEGO to tell the story of the world long after humans have gone, focusing on themes of sustainability, waste, and community. RELICS received 50,000 visitors over its three month run. 

Alex strives to combine the technical and analytical elements of engineering with the creativity and fun of the arts, with the goal of inspiring others to explore cross-disciplinary collaboration and achieve unique and original outcomes.