Holly Thompson

Primate Expert

From a young age Holly became fascinated with wildlife and started a career at Perth Zoo in 2002. She quickly became involved in a voluntary capacity with conservation NGO’s (The Asian Rhino Project, Silvery Gibbon Project, Wildlife Asia) working in the field in Java, Sumatra and Vietnam. Motivated by the belief that one person can make a difference she believes it is important to have authenticity when working in a zoo and her conservation activities compliment her work and fuel her passion to preserve species habitats. Sharing Perth Zoo’s commitment to conservation, she has been instrumental in conservation programs for Javan and White-cheeked Gibbons.

Since 2014 she has led a dynamic team who care for Perth Zoo’s primate species ranging from great apes to 130g pygmy marmosets! She has most recently been included as an author for a book on primate conservation. As the species coordinator for the Javan and white-cheeked gibbon programs within Australasia, and internationally for Javan gibbons she has been connected with zoos worldwide to improve husbandry practices.

She has always been determined to educate people on animals and the reasons why they should be protected for future generations.

She has a keen interest in travel that is generally centred around wildlife and giving back. She encourages eco-tourism and highlights the impacts of the illegal wildlife trade. Through her voluntary work she has raised vital funds for conservation through many fundraising events.

Being diagnosed with cancer at 26 put a lot in perspective but didn’t slow Holly down. She enjoys fitness, the beach and spending time in the Yallingup region where her parents now live.

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Holly Thompson | February 2nd, 2022

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February 2nd, 2022