Jonathan Charlesworth


Jonathan is a 16-year-old student at Woodvale Secondary College. Jonathan has been competing in Speedcubing for 6 years, attending 46 competitions in Australia and all over the world. He has achieved over 150 podiums across all 17 events.

In 2019, Jonathan broke the continental record for the Skewb puzzle with a time of 1.34 seconds and is ranked 17th in the country for the regular Rubik’s cube event with an average of 8.06 seconds. In 2019, he attended the World Rubik’s Cube Championship in Melbourne and competed against the world’s best of the Speedcubing community, making it through to two of the semi-finals over the four-day event. Jonathan is the current state champion for Skewb, Square-1, and Rubik’s Clock events.

He hopes to become National Champion for the Skewb puzzle and travel to South Korea in 2023 to compete at the World Championships again. Jonathan’s other hobbies include photography, in particular astrophotography and nature, playing tennis, and baseball.