Joshua Betton

Programs Manager & Curator

Joshua splits his time between studying Commerce at the University of Western Australia and working as a subcontractor in his side-business. He’s a published author, and has toured Sweden singing. As a practical person with a creative streak, he lives with his hands in the dirt and head in the sky.

Josh joined TEDxKings Park to be involved in a community as diverse as it is productive, and thoroughly enjoys working with the team. He believes every challenge provides an opportunity to learn something new or gain another perspective, and is a staunch proponent for the spread of ideas.

Outside of volunteering he can be found bush-bound with his compass, aimlessly wandering from one hill to the next, either pondering the meaning of life or trying to find his way back to the UK. He’s also partial to the beach, books, and observing the sights, smells, and tastes of the City.