Megan Krakouer

Director of National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project

Megan Krakouer is a Menang Woman of the Noongar Nation. Megan is an activist, social justice advocate and arbitrator for the voiceless, and law reformer. Megan is a Director of the National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project, Chair (Wagyl Kaip) of the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and holds a Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University. Megan was the recipient of the Dr Yunupingu Award for Human Rights at the National Indigenous Human Rights Awards in 2018. Megan is Perth’s Citizen of the Year 2023 and a Finalist for the 2023 National NAIDOC Person Award.

In 2019, Megan travelled to Germany to bring home and repatriate to their homelands 42 ancestors, of which six were brought back to Noongar homeland. Megan also regularly chairs national suicide prevention conferences, and national forums on the historical and contemporary sins of this nation that have drenched so many to this day. Megan does this to change narratives, to leave no one out of sight, and to not allow the nation absolution until they atone. Atonement will come with equality, defined by the elimination of disparities and the long overdue providence of parities.

Megan, thirteenth child of thirteen siblings, praises her late stalwarts, Dad and Mum, for who she is today. Throughout her life, Megan has advocated and fought for those who are most marginalised and vulnerable. Megan’s advocacy is relentlessly aimed at platforming those who are unheard and ‘un-listened’ to.