Shiv Akarsh Meka

Data Scientist

Shiv Akarsh Meka is a Principal Data Scientist at the Royal Perth Hospital. He is passionate about employing mathematical methods to improve patient care.  In his current role, he develops predictive algorithms to make timely predictions of patient deterioration and provide useful, real-time information to clinicians.

Prior to joining Royal Perth Hospital, he was WA Health’s Lead data scientist where he applied data science practices to a range of health care applications from anonymising health data to determining an individual’s identity from sparse information. Akarsh spent most of his childhood in India where he also received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. There was something about materials science that intrigued him; that materials used in electrical engineering were a given and unchangeable. This sparked his interest and led him to become a materials scientist.  He moved to the US to pursue an advanced degree in materials engineering where he researched various materials for semiconductor applications.

While spending close to a decade in the States, Akarsh also had the opportunity to work at various labs and universities on a variety of problems – from developing computational methods for accelerating materials discovery to building high resolution scientific visualisation walls. He has published various research articles in fields relating applied machine learning, semiconductors, and optimisation.

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