Craig Hollywood

WA Local Hero Award winner and Founder of Short Back & Sidewalks

As an Australian of the Year Award-winner Craig understands the power of a conversation. He is the Founder of Short Back & Sidewalks, a social impact movement providing free haircuts and conversations with some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

Having started in a car park in Perth in 2015, Short Back & Sidewalks now operates across the continent and continues to positively impact people’s lives by providing a consistent, judgement-free service which helps to break the stigma often attached to those in need.

Having lost a family member who experienced homelessness, Craig set out to find a way to help some of the most at-risk people in our society. Craig’s story about positively impacting communities through the simple act of giving a free haircut and having a chat is inspiring the next generation of giving across the country and beyond. He believes collaboration is key to any success, but first we must connect with each other on a human level.

Craig Hollywood's TEDxKingsPark Talks: