Cityscape of Perth Western Australia as the sun rises. The photo was taken in Kings Park

Apply to Speak

If you have an idea worth spreading, you’re in the right place. You can tell us about your idea and we’ll be in touch to let you know if you could be part of a future TEDxKingsPark event.

And thank you for being generous in sharing your idea for free. Everyone at TEDxKingsPark is a volunteer, and that includes our speakers. No-one is paid, and that makes stepping onto the coveted red dot priceless. 

Before You Apply

We receive many applications, and you want to stand out. So please think deeply about how you describe your idea. A great idea is useful to the audience. 

You might be telling them something they don’t know. Your audience can apply this new information in their lives, changing the way they live.

Or you might be giving your audience a new perspective on an idea with which they are already familiar. Your audience will have new tools to think about their lives and the world around them.