Cityscape of Perth Western Australia as the sun rises. The photo was taken in Kings Park

Partnerships with TEDxKingsPark

We invite the brightest and best organisations and brands to partner with us, share our vision and engage with our community.

We build partnerships with great organisations of all sizes. Partnerships enable us to deliver our events and we provide our partners with the benefits, involvement and excitement unique to TEDxKingsPark. We tailor all partnerships to fit objectives (yours and ours) and your budget. Lets talk:

Levels of Partnership

Event Packages

Production Packages

Audience Engagement Packages

Why Partner with TEDxKingsPark?
Partners have different stories to tell and objectives to achieve. Our partners derive full value from our association and enjoy benefits tailored to their needs.

TED and TEDx events are celebrated globally for showcasing innovation, inspiration and big ideas. Partnering with TEDxKingsPark aligns your organisation, on one hand with a global brand and, on the other, with your local community of extraordinary thinkers, leaders and change-makers.

TEDxKingsPark runs live events throughout the year and our talks are posted to the TEDx YouTube channel with its 31 million subscribers. Whether you are partnering with us for just one event, or for a series of events, we ensure that you receive the exposure you deserve.

Seeking meaningful engagement with our events and our audiences demonstrates that your organisation values and invests in our community. Your customers, staff and other stakeholders will know that you are enabling TEDx in our city.

Our expert team works with you to design a package that delivers. Whether your focus is brand-building and awareness, client entertainment, staff involvement or community engagement, we can devise a benefits package that works for you.

We ensure your partnership is tailored and delivers clear, measurable benefits. Your partnership budget goes a long way with TEDxKingsPark and we can’t wait to explore the possibilities with you. 

Our Partnerships Team

Successful partnerships are built on mutual understanding, trust and respect. Our team are experienced professionals, each bringing their passion for TEDx and a deep appreciation of commercial realities to the table. It goes without saying that they are also super-enthusiastic, focused and amongst the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Martin Wisker

Partnerships Director

Martin is a Senior Leader in the Construction industry with over 35 years of experience both in Australia and the UK. He has held senior positions in international companies and is well versed in contract negotiations and collaborative working.

Martin is a passionate TEDx supporter and joined the volunteer force in 2018. He has been instrumental in evolving the profile of TEDx and has successfully established long-term partnerships with both large and small partners. He clearly understands the role of partners and the value of ongoing relationships.

Since arriving in Perth in 2011 Martin has continued his active volunteer work, not only with TEDx, but also continuing his soccer coaching and has become involved with the National Association of Women in Construction. Martin is a founding member and current Chairman of TEDxKingsPark.

Bethan Winn

Senior Partnerships Manager

As one of Perth’s leading organisational consultants, Bethan loves new ideas and finding win / win situations, and brings her passions for learning, community, sustainability and fun to her role as Senior Partnerships Manager at TEDxKingsPark.

Bethan joined the TEDx community in 2019 and has been managing relationships with partners at all levels from the start. Personable, responsive and always happy to help, Bethan ensures the partnership experience is enjoyable and easy throughout.

Away from TEDxKingsPark, Bethan is a trainer and facilitator specialising in critical thinking, decision making and problem solving, delivering tailored solutions to businesses, government and educational organisations. She also juggles parenting, community leadership, running and road cycling challenges. Bethan is a founding member and Vice Chair of the board of TEDxKingsPark.

Siva Murugappa

Senior Partnerships Manager

Siva is a senior executive with over 14 years of experience in the Banking and Finance industry in Perth. He has built a strong reputation for building and nurturing productive relationships with individuals and key organisations in WA. These have included not-for-profits, education, government departments, listed corporations and State treasuries.

Siva joined the TEDx volunteer community in 2019. He loves enabling the spread great ideas and, to quote Charles Handy, he feels that “the best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people”.

Born in Malaysia, Siva spent most of his pre-teen years growing up in Indonesia, arriving in Melbourne 20 years ago to pursue his tertiary education (Bachelors of Commence in Information Systems), and resides now Perth. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family cooking up a feast!

Gavin Buckley

Chief Executive Officer

Working at Director and CEO-level in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, Gavin has 27 years of experience building successful partnerships with business and government. He has built and delivered mutually beneficial partnerships totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensured outstanding outcomes for all involved.

Arriving in Perth from the UK in 2012 saw Gavin involved with the TEDx community from the start. He is the longest-serving TEDx Speaker Coach in Perth and, as CEO of TEDxPerth, he championed the development of the Salon Series, TEDxYouth@Perth (now TEDxYouth@KingsPark) and led the team that brought Countdown, WA Climate Leadership Summit, to Perth in 2020.

Gavin’s work with TEDx was recognised in 2019 when he was awarded Community Citizen of the Year by the City of Perth. He lives in Fremantle and runs his own business providing personalised speaker training and coaching. He is a founding member of TEDxKingsPark.