Alix Woolard

Trauma Researcher

Dr Alix Woolard is a senior researcher and co-lead of the childhood trauma research program for Embrace at Telethon Kids Institute, Western Australia’s first research collaboration devoted to the mental health of children and young people ages 0-25.

Alix was born in Newcastle, NSW, and completed her Bachelor of Psychology and PhD at the University of Newcastle. She then began her first postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Sydney in the Brain and Mind Centre, before moving to Perth to work at the Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Western Australia.

Alix’s work involves preventing, intervening, and treating childhood trauma, and she works with the most vulnerable populations in WA aiming to help children, young people and their families recover and thrive after trauma. Her work also involves helping specific groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, autistic, and LGBTQA+ communities, as well as primary school teachers working with traumatised children. The interventions and treatments that Alix has developed have helped many children and young people in WA, as well as their families, recover from complex histories of trauma.

Outside of her work, Alix loves crossfit, hiking, and is the host of a new podcast Embracing the Mind.