Cougar Morrison

Identity Superhero

Cougar Morrison is the result of turning the volume up on Clint Strindberg to 300 percent.

She is crazy, confident and an unapologetic daggy-dancer.

Known for her hilarious lipsyncs and costume reveals, Cougar also packs some serious vocal pipes, able to bust out Edith Piaf and shock people how such a petite body produced such a big sound.

When not on the stage, Cougar is passionate about making drag accessible to everyone and also reading to rainbow families at Dragqueen Storyhour.

Clint Strindberg is a WAAPA-trained classical vocalist, an avid cook and an extroverted introvert. Clint enjoys order and cleanliness, but when he last attempted to clean his apartment, Cougar Morrison would not let him throw anything out. A battle ensued and there is still much glitter as a reminder of this.

After living abroad, Clint returned home to Perth and allowed himself to nurture an idea he’d been lingering on for ten years, and Cougar Morrison was born. As drastically different though they are, they are cut from the same cloth and now one cannot live without the other.

Both Clint and Cougar are delighted to be sharing their talk with you today.

Photo by Claire Alexander

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March 20th, 2021