Jackson Harvey

Artist and LEGO Master

Jackson Harvey is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. His eclectic practice includes painting large-scale murals, making tattoos and constructing sculptural stories with LEGO.

Jackson’s love of art was encouraged from a young age, with drawing, painting and constructing grand LEGO structures his staple childhood pastimes. After completing a Bachelor of Environmental Design, Jackson decided to make a hook turn and undertake an apprenticeship in tattooing rather than becoming an architect (much to his mother’s dismay). The following decade saw him develop his tattooing and painting practices side by side.

Jackson’s mural and tattoo practice has taken him across the globe, from his hometown in Perth to travelling and working in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas and South East Asia. Now based in Fremantle, he has developed a diverse collection of works and exhibitions.

Alongside his high school friend, Alex Towler, Jackson shot to national attention in 2020 after winning Channel 9’s LEGO Masters Australia Competition, and since then has included professional LEGO sculpting in his artistic practice. In 2021, the duo collaborated with WA non-profit arts organisation FORM to create the landmark LEGO exhibition, RELICS: Bricks of the New World.