Karinda Burns

Ngoonooru Wadjari nyarlu Academic of Law

Karinda Burns is a First Nations law academic at the University of Western Australia. Born and raised on Noongar Boodja, Karinda is a Wajarri Yamaji and Yued Noongar woman.

Her career has focused on Indigenous tertiary education and legal education, and her employment has provided opportunities to work in Western Australia and Victoria, predominantly within Indigenous corporations and higher education sectors.

Currently teaching into the Juris Doctor and the Law and Society Major in the UWA Law School, Karinda holds a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Education from Deakin University. Her research interests focus on Indigenous jurisprudence and the Australian legal curriculum and she has commenced her doctorate in this field. Karinda also co-leads the Indigenisation of the JD Project, a joint initiative of the Law School and the School of Indigenous Studies, which incorporates Indigenous cultures, knowledges and perspectives throughout the Juris Doctor degree.

Karinda is a proud mother of two children, whom she shares with her husband who is a Barkindji man from New South Wales.  They are both fortunate to come from large extended families. 

Her inspiration comes from her family and her community, and she is motivated towards contributing to equality for First Nations peoples in Australia.