Pierre Ulric


Pierre calls himself a Magician, and he fully accepts everything this name might conjure. Pierre’s remarkable ability to amaze relies on our brains being easier to fool than we think – as he demonstrated on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us in 2020.

He migrated to Australia from his native Canadian province of Québec more than twenty years ago, and has since kept his passion for the mystery arts alive through study, performance and community engagement.  He works from an understanding that magic as a performance art is a powerful communication and expression medium, based on ancient, yet reliable, scientific and psychological principles.  

Involved in the craft for over 30 years, he has been fortunate enough to receive a few accolades in recognition of his private, corporate and festival performative and educational efforts. With an academic and professional background firmly anchored around scientific disciplines, a multicultural heritage and penchant for obscure information, his performances have been described as amazing, exciting and insightful. 

Throughout his travels, his love for mystery performance has been shared with delighted audiences all around the world, by humans from all walks of life. 

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