Fixing climate change means measuring what we care about

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How can we navigate an increasingly complex world threatened by ecological and societal collapse? Josh is pioneering digital tools to help guide communities towards a sustainable path. By putting people and the planet at the heart of our decision-making, we can emerge from the climate crisis with a safer and fairer world for all. Josh is an award-winning social entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in innovation and technology. He is the founding director of Open Corridor, a data-driven non-profit, focused on resilient communities and long-term sustainability. In 2020, he was awarded EU funding to develop digital tools to support cities in the race to net-zero. Josh is the Innovation Lead at Impact Seed, an EIT (European institute of Innovation and Technology) alumni, and associate at CUSP (Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute).

Presented at Climate Summit for Young and Emerging Leaders on November 6th, 2021.

Josh Hopkins
Systems Thinker

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