How to understand climate modelling – and why you should care

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Finally, a clear explanation of what a climate tipping point is! We hear about climate modelling and the predictions scientists make, but do you know how modelling is done? Shannon is here to help with a simple but powerful description of how tipping points are the key to understanding climate change. Dr. Shannon Algar is an applied mathematician using sophisticated modelling techniques to understand complex, real-world systems, like the timing of ice ages and species extinction. Shannon is a post-doctoral researcher and Forrest Prospect Fellow with the Complex Systems Group at the University of Western Australia. Her research is centred around systems modelling, covering broad areas of Complexity, Swarm Intelligence, Reservoir Computing, Topological Data Analysis and Time Series Analysis.

Presented at Climate Summit for Young and Emerging Leaders on November 6th, 2021.

Shannon Algar
Complex Systems Mathematician

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