Ciara Wood

Youth Panellist, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Ciara has recently graduated from high school, and has secured an early offer into ECU’s Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations bachelor’s degree for 2024, where she plans to further cultivate her passion for visual arts and writing.

After achieving top marks in both English ATAR and English Literature ATAR, as well as designing her school’s yearbook cover in 2020 and participating in multiple volunteering programs, Ciara is excited to translate these skills to develop TEDxKings Park’s social media profile and presence, innovating new ways to share ideas worth spreading to the next generation.

In her spare time, Ciara enjoys immersing herself within various fictional spaces, both literary and media. Her passion for literature has led her to work in a bookstore for the past two and a half years, where she looks forward to people asking for recommendations so that she can share her love of reading, and Media ATAR has created a space for her to write, direct, and edit her own short films, which has promoted her interest in the movie industry.