Ivor Houston

Tenacious nomad

At 21, Ivor, born and bred from a small town in the Blue Mountains, NSW, became the youngest person to walk across Australia solo and unsupported. This 4,000-kilometre journey from Perth to Sydney tested his spirit against the desolate Nullarbor Plain and the Roaring Forties Antarctic winds.

Ivor’s curiosity had earlier led him on an 18-month solo backpacking journey after school, which introduced him to a myriad of global cultures. Ivor’s zest for adventure once led him to China on a whim, in pursuit of rare ingredients to outshine his sister in a sibling cooking competition face-off.

A crucial influence on Ivor was his family’s two-year experience hosting an asylum seeker family. This added a humanitarian layer to his walk, inspiring him to raise funds for refugees and asylum seekers.

Now 23, Ivor leads a nomadic life, residing in his van and constructing Tiny Houses in New Zealand. Away from his travels, he enjoys playing tennis, and engaging in photography/videography, which he used to document his journey across Australia.

In the wake of his ambitious trek, Ivor has turned his attention towards inspiring others. Guided by his own experiences and the resilience of the asylum seekers he has come to know, he seeks to help others overcome obstacles and achieve their own “impossible”.