Jingbo Wang

Quantum Computer Pioneer

Professor Jingbo Wang is a pioneer of cutting-edge research in quantum algorithms, aiming to solve complex problems of practical importance that are otherwise intractable.

Jingbo is Director of the Research Centre for Quantum Information, Simulation and Algorithms at The University of Western Australia, Co-founding Director of Australian Quantum Software Network Limited, Founding Chair of Quantum Science and Technology group in Australian Institute of Physics, and Founding Member of IEEE Quantum on Consumer Technology Technical Committee, ex-Head of Physics Department and ex-Deputy Head of School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing at The University of Western Australia.

She is also Director of the UWA-Pawsey Educational Quantum Computing Centre. There she oversees a comprehensive suite of quantum computing lecture courses offered at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels. Her leadership contributes significantly to the educational advancement and integration of quantum computing expertise within the academic realm.

In addition, Professor Wang is Co-Director of Quantum Girls, a government-funded project aiming to encourage more girls and women throughout Australia to consider careers in quantum science, in particular quantum computing.

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