Joshua Patrick

Young Carer

Joshua Patrick may look like any ordinary teenage kid and in most ways he is, grappling with all the usual issues and stresses that every other teenager must navigate – puberty, increasingly complex relationships, homework, sporting practice/games, homework, extra-curricula activities, bullying, mental health stability, academic concerns … and so the list goes on.

However, in his 14 years of life, Josh has done, experienced and seen things that would push many adults to their absolute limits, including resuscitating his sister on numerous occasions, providing rescue seizure medications, assisting with sterile port accesses and injecting her to treat hypoglycaemia. Joshua has three sisters, one of whom, Charlotte, has an undiagnosed disease, who has endured 58 operations, is continuously PEG-fed, and has countless other unexplained physical anomalies which result in her requiring round-the-clock, intensive medical care, much of which Josh provides. 

Despite these traumatic memories and additional, ever-evolving daily expectations placed on Joshua, he rarely fails to have a positive attitude and a balanced, mature approach to life and his life circumstances. Josh derives pleasure from, and is grateful for, much like his sister, Charlotte, the little things in his life. He acknowledges all the positive qualities, connections, opportunities and memories he has made as a result of having Charlotte in his life.