Juanita Schaffa de Mauri

Supporting women affected by the justice system

After experiencing an unexpected turn of events that saw Juanita incarcerated, she has managed to create a new career path in Community Services. Coming from an “ideal” family dynamic and growing up in a supportive and loving environment, prison and a criminal record were not something Juanita, her family or friends ever anticipated.

Originally from Sydney, Juanita moved to Perth in January 2023 searching for a fresh start and has since collaborated with UWA’s Criminology lecturers, sharing her life experience with students. Juanita hopes to one day travel to Norway and visit Halden Prison to learn more about how to introduce what is considered by many the most effective rehabilitation system in the world, to Australia.

Juanita is a mother to three children. Two of them are neuro-divergent. The challenge of re-establishing relationships with them post-incarceration has been a driver for Juanita to succeed in her new endeavours.

Juanita lives in North Perth with her partner and a small menagerie of pets.

Juanita Schaffa de Mauri's TEDxKingsPark Talks:

Juanita Schaffa de Mauri | June 28th, 2023