Lucas Lane

Entrepreneur, skater and creator

At the age of 12, Lucas founded Glossy Boys, a nail polish brand aimed at empowering guys to freely express themselves while having fun. Lucas recognised that buying nail polish was unnecessarily unwelcoming and complicated, so he set out to make it better for lads like himself: a skater and creator. 

By unapologetically creating a product specifically for guys in an industry traditionally associated with women and girls, he has become an advocate for visibility and inclusivity. Lucas has embraced his role as an advocate, driven by his desire to support his friends and the “Glossy Brigade” community. Lucas’s interactions have moved many to share stories of themselves, or their kids, proudly displaying their Glossy Boys or other forms of self-expression outside of gender norms.

One of his favourite achievements was appearing nationally on Channel 7 Sunrise alongside Abbie Kelly, a fellow 13-year-old from the Rainbow Shoelace Project. Together, they showcased Abbie’s important work while highlighting Lucas’s successful fundraising. Lucas raised $15,000 to help Abbie travel from rural Broken Hill to World Pride Sydney, amplifying her LGBTQIA+ Project’s positive and inclusive message. Through their friendship and support of each other, their collective efforts raised awareness of inclusivity and acceptance, showcasing the impact that two determined 13-year-olds can make.

In just nine months, Glossy Boys has achieved substantial success. Lucas’s dedication and business acumen prove that age is no barrier to making an impact.

Lucas embraces his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to self-expression. With his contagious enthusiasm and unwavering determination, Lucas encourages everyone to embrace their authentic selves and make their world unboring.