Matt Woods

Eclipse Hunter

Matt is the Tour Administrator and an amateur astronomer at Perth Observatory. Matt joined the Perth Observatory’s volunteer group in 2014 and became the Observatory’s Tour Administrator in 2016, a year after the volunteer group took over the running of the Observatory. Since then, he has developed exciting events for the public, promoted astronomy and astronomical events through the media, and inspired adults and children alike with the wonders of the cosmos.

As an amateur astronomer, he has helped define the shape of the asteroids Patroclus and Menelaus for NASA’s Lucy Mission, live streamed six eclipses for, and has loved getting out to dark locations and taking nightscape photos of Western Australia’s beautiful landscapes.

Matt’s boundless passion for space and astronomy traces back to a poignant childhood memory. Aged nine, he shared an awe-inspiring moment with his father, watching in wonder as the Space Shuttle Columbia soared gracefully over Northam. This unforgettable experience ignited a lifelong dedication to exploring the mysteries of the universe, which Matt continues to share with the world at the Perth Observatory.