Mia Hyde

Trans Non-Binary, Queer, Aboriginal artist and Manager


Mia is a Trans-Nonbinary, Queer and Aboriginal artist, who also works behind the scenes managing and curating arts events. They have been running Plant Milk Music, their own arts management company, for over five years. They also play drums in their own punk band, The Call Girls and perform as their drag/creative persona, Miss Phoria.

Mia focuses their work around the crafts and lives of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, First Nations, Disabled and Neurodiverse peoples. They aim to create accessible and safe environments for these people to thrive and share their work. Mia also works with Youth Pride Network as the Aboriginal Project & Outreach coordinator, working with Indigenous LGBTQIA+ youth. In this work, they create opportunities and spaces for them that cater to their wants and needs in their identities. Mia has done a lot of support and volunteering to work over the years with these marginalised and minority groups, with the passion of improving their livelihoods and giving them a platform to express themselves. They advocate for these groups with a strong aim to better recognise and understand mental health issues, neurodivergence and active accessibility for all.

Mia enjoys the stranger things in life and incorporates this into their artworks, based around their experience and identity. They are a complex and nuanced human (or alien-ish life form as they refer to themselves), as someone who gets over stimulated by noise but also plays drums in a punk band would be!

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November 23rd, 2022