Monica Kander


With a background in Social Work, Monica appreciates the transformative power of knowledge and storytelling. She recognises that stories can touch hearts, challenge perspectives, and inspire action. Monica believes that by harnessing the power of narratives, we can create a profound impact on individuals and society.

As a certified coach and advocate for human-centered organisations, she is deeply passionate about transforming the world of work by creating safe and inclusive workplace cultures characterised by trust, honesty, and organisational justice. With over 15 years of global HR and leadership experience, she is the founder/director of a successful start-up company.

Her work spans various industries, including mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, government, education, health, aged-care, not-for-profit sectors and First Nations organisations and communities. She is fuelled by her passion to empowering people to unlock their full potential, helping people have the conversations that really matter!

As a TEDxKings Park curator, she is committed to curating events that feature compelling stories and ideas that have the potential to ignite conversations, foster connection, and raise the collective consciousness of our society to create a better future.