Reuben Saggar

Presenter, Carbon Neutral

13-year-old Reuben Saggar is our youngest Youth Panel member. As a committed climate activist, Reuben is dedicated to spreading the message that ‘no-one is too small to make a difference’, and strongly believes that there is no age limit on climate activism. He recently started up a drop-in lunchtime ‘Fridays for the Future’ club at his school, to raise awareness about how we can all make small changes in our lives that have a positive impact on the environment. His lunchtime group sessions often allow younger children to feel that their actions can also contribute to the global movement for change.

During a recent event at the Centre for Stories, Reuben spoke about his passion for a more sustainable future, he said; “We, as children, are the leaders of tomorrow – so we have a right to actually know what the problems are, in order to have any chance of solving them”.

Events Reuben Saggar has hosted: