Steph Marshall

Queer, non-binary LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor and Sexologist


Steph is a queer, nonbinary LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor and Sexologist.

After studying psychology straight out of high school, Steph took several years to arrive in the field of human sexuality. In that time, they travelled and lived abroad and forged a passion for specialty coffee and hospitality life. As a barista and manager, they helped to establish new businesses in Brooklyn, New York City, and back in their hometown of Canberra. Exposure to the diversity of people and lived experiences in this time developed their personal understanding of politics and intersectional feminism, ultimately helping them come to terms with their own experiences of sexuality and gender diversity.

Steph began studying sexology, an inevitable way to combine their interests in psychology, sex education and queer advocacy. Largely motivated by their religious upbringing and lack of comprehensive, pleasure-focused and queer-inclusive sex education, Steph wants to help reform people’s understanding of sex, gender and sexuality, from individual and interpersonal issues to systemic, institutional and legal injustices. They currently work for an organisation that provides peer support and counselling to LGBTQIA+ youth, education to the broader community and corporate consultation.

Steph also finds joy in quiet time, caring for their excessive amount of house plants, listening to ABC radio, bingeing Kath and Kim and reigning as Mariokart champion of their household. Steph is currently based in Perth, on unceded Whadjuk Noongar land.

Steph Marshall's TEDxKingsPark Talks:

Steph Marshall | November 23rd, 2022

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November 23rd, 2022