Tracy Redhead

Musician, Composer & Researcher

Tracy Redhead merges art and science in music, using technology to create dynamic music that evolves with data. She’s a leading figure in Transmutable Music, bringing fresh auditory experiences through change and adaptability. Tracy has extensive experience in music performance, industry, recording, production and interactive media.

As a singer-songwriter, she has released three albums and an EP, with her single Where Does it Fit achieving high rotation in 2008. She’s now poised to launch a new EP in 2024 with her electronic duo ‘Rochelle Salt’, formed with Sofie Loizou.

Her innovative approach earned her the ‘Music Bricks’ incubation award in 2016, taking her work to the Ars Electronica Festival and earning her features in WIRED and several documentaries. During her PhD, she collaborated with Florian Thalman as part of the FAST Semantic Audio project in the UK, which resulted in the creation of The Semantic Machine, an app that produces a song that changes with the time and weather, demonstrating Transmutable Music. This novel prototype was first presented at Abbey Road Studios in 2018.

She co-researched the ‘Born Global’ Industry report and co-authored a Routledge book on music exports, shaping Australian industry understanding and strategies.

Tracy’s upcoming book, Interactive Technologies and Music Making – Transmutable Music, due in August 2024, introduces transformative approaches to music composition.

Teaching at the UWA Conservatorium of Music, she continues to expand the intersections between music and technology, hoping to inspire the next wave of music evolution.