Emily Lester

Marine Scientist

Dr Emily Lester is a marine scientist interested in sharks, predator-prey interactions, and the effect of human activities on marine ecosystems. Her research focuses on the impacts of predator removal on ecosystems and how we can harness technology to quantify ecological processes that are difficult to witness in nature. Through this research, she aims to produce science of the highest calibre that helps inform decision-makers to make the changes required to change the current trajectory of our oceans.

She is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of women in science and believes that visible role models are essential for inspiring the next generation of scientists.

When she is not researching, she will probably be found outdoors. She is an enthusiastic free-diver and scuba diver and on most weekends can be found visiting some of my favourite dive spots in Western Australia.

On land, she can be found hiking, camping, cooking up a storm with friends and family, and planning the next adventure over dinner.

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December 1st, 2021