Melissa Cristina Márquez

Marine Biologist and Shark Expert

Melissa Cristina Márquez is a multi-hyphenate Latina in STEM who has become a household name via her Scholastic books (the “Wild Survival” series) and TV presenter roles (BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and OceanX).

With over 40,000 followers on social media, her platforms are filled with fun games (e.g. “Name That Shark,” “ID That Ocean Critter,” and “Marine Tech Mondays”) that make learning about wildlife exciting!

Host of the “ConCiencia Azul” Spanish podcast, Melissa is passionate about making the scientific industry more diverse and inclusive, including making all of her educational content bilingual. Featured in numerous media articles (GQ, People Chica, USA Today, Allure, etc), a Forbes “30 Under 30” honoree, and listed as one of InStyle’s “BadAss Women for 2021,” Melissa was recently aboard the OceanXplorer in the Atlantic Ocean as a scientific advisor/presenter.

A PhD candidate at Curtin University, Márquez is interested in what environmental factors influence the composition and distribution of elasmobranchs using a variety of marine technology.

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Melissa Cristina Márquez | March 20th, 2021

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March 20th, 2021

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